Kualoa Point, Oahu with Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) in the distance.

Dear Reader,

I've created an introduction or sorts for you to understand my motive to start a blog. Hopefully, it's coherent and eloquent and intrigues you enough to continue reading. 

If you're curious about me, well, why? 

(I'll indulge you anyway.)

Quick facts:
  • I was born in Vietnam, but then moved to the United States when I was three and a half years old
  • I learned to walk in Australia
  • I speak more than one language, but not that well (definitely going to change that)
  • I am a college student in the lovely state of California
  • I would love it if you would also follow me on instagram and twitter
  • I use parentheses and commas a bit too much (oh, well)
  • I am very grateful to all my readers
Happy travels!

Best wishes,



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